One More Story of God Working a Miracle

By this time you might be thinking to your self that you don't agree with what I am calling "miracles" in our family. Or you might be rejoicing because you, too, have experienced what I am talking about. Well, I have one more story to tell you of how I know I serve a miracle working God!

Last Sunday night H was running fever...again. She'd been running fever since Saturday night. There seemed to be no explanation for the fever because there were no other symptoms. Usually if the kids have fever we don't take them to church, but I just felt that we should be there.

H ran fever and laid on the pew the whole service. Afterwards our pastor asked for H to come forward and let us anoint her and pray for her. They began praying for her and IMMEDIATELY her fever broke! It had been running 99-100 and when I checked her after prayer she was as cool as a cucumber and began playing with the other kids like she normally would do! It happened so fast I could almost not believe it though I had just seen it with my own eyes.

She had an odd experience the following day where her temperature dropped and she began shivering then her temp spiked to 102 then slowly fell back to normal. This was really odd, but I called my mother and father-n-law in Mexico and had them pray and nothing else happened.

Call it coincidence,  give Tylenol the credit (which she had not taken any pain reliever/fever reducers in the last 10 hours), or give God the glory! I choose to do the latter with utmost confidence in whom I serve.

I hope these stories have encouraged your faith in God and inspired you to dig out the scriptures in the Bible on healing! Here are some to get you started:
Genesis 20:17
Exodus 15:26 (I guess there is somewhat of a formula here)
2 Kings 20:5
2 Chronicles 7:14
Psalms 30:2
Psalms 103:3
Isaiah 53:5
Matthew 4:23
Matthew 9:35
Luke 9:11
Acts 4:22
1 Corinthians 12:9
1 Corinthians 12:28

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