Scheduling Our Day

A real issue in this house is plain and simple: not planning ahead. I have used Steve and Teri Maxwell's system for planning out our day. Managers of their homes: A practical guide to daily scheduling for Christian home-school families I have spent too much time coming up with individual goal cards and other ideas for the kids so that they know what they are supposed to be doing at any given time. I have read the Duggar's book. It is truly inspiring to see how a mom of 19 organizes her time. And yet, we don't get everything done. This is one of those things that you never stop working on or truly master! It seems that we do really good until sometime after lunch and then the schedule falls apart. Our next main goal is finishing school and then getting supper on the table by 5 pm. After that there is no schedule. Daddy is home and there is no telling what great adventures lie ahead!

Some may have endless ball games to practice for and go to, but our kids are more into Fine Arts, therefore, a lot of the winter months are spent 1-4 nights a week practicing different things. This year they entered the Sign Language, Puppets, Human Video, Drama, and Large Ensemble categories. They received 1st place in Puppets and 2cd in Sign Language and are going to Detroit MI in August to compete at Nationals. Many of our evenings are spent practicing and fine tuning these talents.

I would like a more rigid schedule since I see the benefits of it with the kids and homeschooling, but can you "over-schedule" your family? There is scheduling for bed times, bath times and play times to think about. Some even suggest scheduling the nursing baby. I can see the benefit in all of these, it would be so nice; especially the at bedtime! I can think of many reasons to empliment this, but there are just too many variables after Daddy gets home. :( For now I will have to be content to have scheduled mornings and mid-afternoons. :)

I began this post to talk more about the times when we don't follow a schedule and how it gets us into trouble. Sundays for instance! We know that Sunday School starts at 10 am and church starts at 6:30 unless there is choir practice and that starts at 5:30. Why then, are the French's always late? I think it is because we are not "time conscience" people. I will have to write more on that later because I have some great information to share with you on how you and I can become better at this!

 I'd love to hear your comments on how you schedule your day!

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