Homeschooling Tips

*Always do your homeschooling the way God wants YOU to do it.
*Don't be tempted to compare.
*Glean from available resources. Keep what works, and throw out the rest.
*Pray, pray, pray.
*Figure out the goals for YOUR family and make sure they get done.
*Learn about your children and God's design for them.
*Train them according to their "bent".
*Pray, pray, pray.
*Put your own passions into each day. A mom who is excited and fulfilled is joyful (and that's contageous).
*Get up before the kids awake (Prov. 31), taking time for your personal self and quiet time with God.
*Listen to your husband. He sees a different perspective.
*Look for ways to empliment the Word of God throughout your day.
*Pray, pray, pray.
*Eat your veggies (as my mother-in-law always says)!
*Walk in confidence knowing what God has called you to do.
*Keep your focus on Him and not others.
*Pray, pray, pray.
*Know that you will have hard days. You will be stretched to the limit, and you will persevere!
*Love your family, love Christ and live life so you have NO REGRETS!
*Pray, pray, pray.
*Did I say that already?!

Disclaimer: I comprised this after reading a fellow blogger's approach on the subject.   She had some great insight and I tweaked what she wrote and added my touch!

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