Courtney's Close Call

I heard a choking sound and jumped up to see my 9 month old trying desperately to get a breath of air. Faintly remembering hearing the sound of change clinking under a small fist but a few moments earlier, my heart throbbed loudly. I fished in her mouth and could barely touch "the culprit", that foreign object I thought was a penny. It was lodged too far in her throat for my fingers to pry it out. I panicked. It was as if adrenaline and fear washed over any logic I might could claim. My mind raced to thoughts of losing her as I cried out to God to help her "get it out"! Not wanting to wait too long for her little face was turning red and a slimy foam was rolling out of her mouth, I dialed 911. This could not be happening! Shortly after the third ring, she vomitted. I was so relieved to hear her pitiful cry. I held her to my chest and sobbed.

The 911 operator called back because I had hung up after C vomited. She made sure there was no longer an emergency and said, "Good-bye."

I could hardly wait to comfort my baby's cries. We sat in the recliner and while she nursed herself into comfort, I thanked God over and over again for sparing our precious daughter. Then T brought me "the culprit" and I was shocked to see a nickel in his hand instead of a penny! God had truly intervened and we are all so grateful for His help.

Why didn't I think of doing the Baby Heimlich Maneuver?! I do not know, but we are looking into taking some classes. Since this experience I have learned that CPR (etc) is performed 90% of the time on a family member. It would have been much better had I have known what to do.Saving Baby's Life...When Every Second Counts

God was gracious in spite of my weakness. Isn't that just like Him?!

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