Thankful for socks!

Here I sit with mounds of laundry, clothes to get ready for church tomorrow, and a huge pile of "whites" to fold: the most dreaded load of clothes to take care of. I've never enjoyed folding the endless pairs of socks, not even when I was a kid and my mom gave me that job. No wonder she gave it to me! Who enjoys folding all that? It's hard enough to fold them immediately, but if they sit in the basket unattended for any length of time...then it's really hard to get to them. I've even left them for so long that we had to hunt thru the basket for a piece of underwear before we could take a shower! I'm sure none of you have ever done that before! 

But as I sit here and think about how awful it is, I try to find the positive in it all. Hey, at least I have socks and I have lots of them

(7 people x 2 feet x at least 7 pr for each do the math!) 

My socks are never lonely, nor am I. We have each other. An earthquake has not torn us apart. We have not lost a loved one in tragedy. I get to wake up to an amazing husband each morning and 5 awesome kids. God has blessed us abundantly.

 So the next time I have to fold a "kazillion" socks with about "half-a-kazillion" mismatched ones left over, I will stop and reflect on God's blessings and try to be more thankful that I get to, yes, fold socks!

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Maria Sopaipilla said...

Ah ha! You're using my pic of Kelly on your blog! You do know I charge royalties for that, right?!?!