Starting Your Day Off Right

We started on time today! 

That is one of the hardest things for us to do. Starting our home school day on time and sticking to a tight schedule during the day is almost unachievable. Notice I said "almost unachievable". There are days that we do achieve that goal. Our days go so much better and run more smoothly when we do.

It's like prayer. Our day goes so much better and runs more smoothly when we begin our day spending time with God. So why is it so hard to do if the rewards are so great?  Now that is a question that has many answers and we could be here a while. But I believe that it has to do with our own selfishness. We like that extra 30 minutes in bed! Or do we not discipline ourselves to do that which does not come easy? Wasn't it Paul who said we have to "die daily"? He didn't mean our physical self, of course, but our selfish desires have to be put away daily. There is never a time that you don't have to worry about your self not getting in the way of what God wants for us. I believe that God gave us 24 hours in a day and He has a plan for what He wants us to accomplish. This is one of the many reasons we should start our day off in communication with Him.

Having said all of that, let me restate that PTL we started off on the right foot today! Things have gone more smoothly and we are getting more done than usual. This is a great accomplishment indeed.

What do you do to get a lot accomplished in a day? After getting up early and starting my morning off in prayer, I tend to work better with a list. For the most part, I am a visual learner. If I see it written down, I can remember it better than if I just hear it. It helps for me to write things down, too. I like to keep a spiral notebook to do this. I have filled many a notebook with lists of things to do! Please leave a comment on your ideas. I can't wait to read them!

Have a blessed day!

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