There are so many facets of prayer that we could spend endless hours discussing it.

 I'm so thankful that our Heavenly Father enabled us to communicate with Him. There's so many ways one could go with this topic, but I'd like to tell you of our experience last night.

 We went over to some friends' house to have supper and for the guys to watch football. When we began to leave, our friend simply stated that we needed to have prayer together to petition the Father for the same need that we both had.

Right there in their living room, we knelt down and took our needs to God. It was not an hour long prayer meeting, but a few minutes of telling God just what we needed and thanking Him for His many blessings. It was beautiful and refreshing.

 I'm so glad that our Father loved us so much that He allows us to come to Him anytime, any place for any reason!

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