Swine Flu

Whew! I have just a minute to write. After mounds of endless laundry, "Germ-X-ing" for the umpteenth hundred time, spraying Lysol as members of our household leave their "quarantined" bedroom, wearing facemasks and LOTS of praying, we are all just a little worn out. As of yesterday, the doctor said that T indeed has the symptoms of swine flu. The doctor did not do the "official" testing but said he definately has all of the symptoms. Daddy didn't get tested or seen by the doctor, but he has the same symptoms as well.

Are we panicked? No!

Overly Cautious? Probably not!

We are just trying to do everything within our power to keep the germs from spreading. T and Daddy are "quarantined" to the boys room unless they need to go to the bathroom. We are all taking Garlic and Vitamin C. Each of us have our own small bottle of Germ-X with another large bottle on the table. We have switched to using all paper towels for drying hands and faces instead of hand towels. And as I mentioned earlier, if the "sick" ones move, there I am with Lysol to spray everything they touch and the air they breathe. I'm doing all I know to do to keep the germs from spreading and most of all, uttering a prayer everytime I can!

I think the media has gotten us all a little uptight about the swine flu. It can be a fearful thing to be sure, but "...God hath not given us the spirit of fear..." He is in control of everything and gives us the grace to go through today's trials, which, by the way, are tomorrow's victories! Wow! Can't wait until then.

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Maria Sopaipilla said...

It doesn't sound like you're being overly cautious to me! Keep up the germ-X-ing!