Extend The Life of Your Fabric Softener

I have found out how to extend the life of my fabric softener without losing the precious smell! (There I go again with the smell of something.) Truly there is nothing like taking a warm towel out of the dryer, putting it up to your nose and breathing in the fresh smell of...your favorite fabric softener! So how could I still experience that and save money at the same time? Just like this: first, get a large bucket. I used a McDonald's pickle bucket that a friend got for me. After soaking it overnight in bleach and water, any leftover smells of pickles were gone. Ugh! Could you imagine your clothes smelling like pickles?! :(

A 2 gallon bucket works great. You will want to pour your brand new bottle of fabric softener into the bucket. Refill your bottle 2 times with water and add to your bucket. If you don't want your clothes to smell as strong, you could actually dilute your softener one more time. Stir. Then you will need to purchase some sponges. Cut these in half and leave in your fabric softener. When you put your clothes in the dryer, wring out one of the sponges and add it like a dryer sheet. Not only are you saving money, but it will be safer for the environment as you are using less plastic (buying less detergent bottles) and the sponges are reusable  Even with a family our size, doing 3 to 4 loads of laundry a day, the diluted fabric softener lasts a very long time!

"How about them apples?!" as my Grandpa used to say.

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Anonymous said...

Niki, you really are an inspiration. We sure did enjoy spending time with you this last weekend... Thanks for all the wonderful tips! Love you bunches! Darla Flynn