"Healthy Mama" Giveaway

This time of year, Mamas are especially busy, busy, busy with school, the 
holidays, and nursing their families through the cold and flu season. 

To help, the following group of Christian natural living bloggers

 teamed up to bless a mama who needs extra attention so she can 
continue being a blessing to her family.  

These ladies want to provide a mama, expectant mama, and even a woman who hasn't yet been blessed with children, with materials to keep her healthy, strong, and make positive lifestyle choices.

Check out the following fabulous items put together for our winner. :) 

1) A copy of Trim Healthy Mama ($35 value), sponsored by Jill's Home Remedies, Raising Mighty Arrows, For Journey's Sake, and Little Natural Cottage

2) A bottle of Young Living Peppermint Oil ($28.29 value), sponsored by Beauty in the Mess

3) Making Babies DVD Set ($110 value), sponsored by Bulk Herb Store.

4) Two 1 hour long private consultations or classes by a Birth and 

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8) Natural Herbal Living Herb Box ($44 value), sponsored by Natural Herbal Living.

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11) T-Tapp Basic Workout DVD ($35.95 value) Plus Essential Chefs Cookbook if needed ($27 value), sponsored by The Encouraging Home.

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13) A bottle of Young Living Thieves Oil ($44.41 value), sponsored by A Mama's Story.

***And a BONUS giveaway for a 2nd winner***

Serene and Peal of Trim Healthy Mama, are generously giving away an e-book version of Trim Healthy Mama!

So enter for your chance to win below and while you're at it, learn about some fabulous natural living bloggers who would be honored for the opportunity to encourage and inspire you on your journey.

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Can You Manage Career and Family?

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Let me say right off the bat that this is not an article to bash Mamas who work outside of the home.  I understand there are circumstances that require such.  If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I am pro-life, pro-homeschooling, and pro-STAHMs (Stay At Home Moms), but my intent is not to hurt anyone.
 Now that we got that out of the way, let me begin. :)

I hear you trying to convince me God has placed a calling on your life outside of your home. Other than mothering your children.  A calling that requires much schooling and many hours away from home.

I hear you complain about your current schedule and how you miss out on certain events in your kids' lives.

I hear your Mama's heart as you tell me of the problems your child is having at school.  How you long to get the help he requires.  How you are scared of the label they are trying to pin on him.

I hear how it saddens you because the other children are already pinning labels on him due to his struggles with their level of performance.

You know what I am going to say because you know what I stand for.  Yet you ask anyway.

You are a good mama!  Your heart is in the right place.  It is just torn between two views:

- Secular vs. Scriptural -

Can you have your cake and eat it, too?  

Can you submerge your teenager into the public school scene, follow its popularity track, and expect to have a respectful, Godly young lady that honors her parents, refrains from premarital relations, and has a ministry mindset?  Is this possible?  Yes.  In very few circumstances, but it is not the norm.

  • Someone else teaches her academics in public school.

  • Someone else teaches her Bible stories in Sunday School.

  • Someone else mentors her in the youth group.

  • Her free time is spent talking, texting, and facebook-ing peers.

  • She shares the ride to and from school and church with siblings.

  • She might chat with you at the dinner table.

  • She might holler out a "Good night" at the end of the day.

Then you ask why she doesn't come to you for answers.  
Why she doesn't confide in you.  
Why she acts just like all the other teenagers you know.

She needs YOU!

I want to suggest that most of your son's "problems" could be corrected with diet and discipline.  I want you to know that he needs YOU.  He needs YOU to research and determine his "problems".  He needs YOU to invest as much time in him as you can while he is young.  Shuffling him into a "special" class is not the answer. A pill to calm him down is not the answer.  YOU are, and of course, lots of prayer.

I want to tell you that God called you to be a Mama first.  He gave you the desires you have to mother and nurse your own children.  To raise them in a Godly home where Mommy and Daddy are the teachers, the mentors, and the nourish-ers.

I know this goes against what you have come to accept as the normal Christian way to live in today's society.  It goes against what some family members would tell you.  I know you want to do things on your own.  I know you have a lot to prove.

But in the end, is it worth it?  If you save many lives, but lose your own children, will you be glad you made the decision to follow what you think is God's call?

I love that you want to help others.  I am sorry for what you had to go through to consider this desire.


Mark 8:36 And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? (NLT)  You might can make it through this and do a lot of good to many others.  But can your marriage survive?  Can your children turn out the way you want them to?

Just thought I would ask.  I hear the mama inside of you crying out to help your children thrive.  I also hear that echo in your voice of today's society that wants to keep up with the rat race of the world.

Managing a career and family.

Can you have your cake and eat it, too?

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Is My Service Conditional?

Lord, please forgive me when my service to others is conditional.  

Help me never to mask a true servant's heart with false humility.  

I pray that if I ever start to help someone in need, that my motives be pure; not self indulging.  

Father, if someone is in need, give me an honest heart that helps them unconditionally.  
Let me not ask what I will receive in return or if it will benefit me in any way.  
Let me ask only for You to receive the glory 
and the person in need be blessed.  

Please show me when my heart is not in the right place 
and never let others be hurt by my manipulation or selfishness.  

I ask these things from a heart that has been wounded by other's thoughtlessness. 
Help me never to inflict that kind of pain on others.  

Bless my husband, Lord, for his faithfulness to You 
and the MANY times I have seen him do for others 
when he needed help the most.


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